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Shareholders' Communication Policy
A high quality, ongoing dialogue and communication with shareholders will help to build trust and understanding in the relationship between the Company and the shareholders. 
This policy serves as a guide and management of shareholders’ requirements. 
This policy shall be assessed, reviewed and updated annually by the Corporate Services Workgroup, in accordance with the needs of the Company and as and when there are changes to the regulations that may have an impact on the Board and Corporate Services Workgroup in discharging their responsibilities. Any change and/or updates to the policy shall be recommended to the Board for approval.
“Board” refers to Board of Directors of Opcom Holdings Berhad.
“Bursa Securities” refers to Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.
“Group” refers to Opcom Holdings Berhad and its subsidiaries.
“Listing Requirements” refers to the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ACE Market Listing Requirements. 
The Board recognises the importance of an effective communication channel between the Board, shareholders and the general public (“Investment Community”). This policy is to promote effective communication and provide shareholders with full and timely information about the Company. 
The Corporate Services Workgroup of the Company serves as a platform for two-way communication between the Company and the stakeholders. The Corporate Services Workgroup is actively involved in the engagement and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer is periodically briefed on the interactions and feedback from the stakeholders, if any, prior to bringing to the Board’s attention on material information. 
Any enquiry regarding the Group may be conveyed to the following persons:
Corporate Services Workgroup
Telephone number : +(603) 6203 5181
Fax number : +(603) 6203 5260
Email address : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Stakeholders may obtain up-to-date information about the Group by assessing the Company’s website, www.opcom.com.my. Financial results, updated Bursa Securities announcements, corporate information, board charter, code of conduct of the Board, annual reports, the rights of the shareholders to participate, speak and vote at general meetings and to demand poll vote and other information of the Company can also be found from the Company’s website. 
The Company uses the Annual General Meeting, scheduled annually in September, as a means of communicating with shareholders. Members of the Board, key senior management of the Company and as well as the external auditors are present to answer questions raised at the meeting. 
Shareholders and/or stakeholders are welcomed to raise queries by contacting the abovementioned email address throughout the year.